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If we use this kind of practice, our minds will naturally go this way (to the poor and needy). We are the thinkers, the reasoners, the doers. Naturally, certain attitudes or thoughts develop within ourselves. With this method, we can develop a real kindness towards other people. Through this method, we can realize the defect of selfish narrow-mindedness.

HH Dalai Lama at Kamoamoa, Puna Coast, Hawaii 1980

HH Dalai Lama at Kamoamoa, Puna Coast, Hawaii 1980

First we think of just a few people, then all our neighbors, then all the people on the Big Island of Hawai'i, then people on all eight Hawaiian Islands, then San Francisco. Mentally expand in this way. Then gradually expand to all the people of this earth and further into space. According to Buddhist teachings, there are infinite galaxies and infinite people. Kind thought should extend infinitely like that. This is the way to practice compassion or kindness. From the practical viewpoint, kindness is very necessary in our daily lives. If we practice kindness, we ourselves feel much happier. When we feel anger or hatred we have no peace of mind; we forget the meaning of things. For example at lunch if we had felt angry we would have lost our taste. If we feel peaceful, calm, and tranquil, our food becomes very tasty. So you see, in our daily lives, if we have peace of mind, calmness and tranquility, inside we feel much better and happier. If you feel anger, bitterness or hatred, you have no peace whether you are a president or a millionaire. Hatred and anger are our enemies; they destroy our happiness in daily life. Hatred and anger create trouble in our family, with our neighbors, and on the national or international level. From a practical viewpoint, anger is definitely not good. Nobody respects anger or wants anger.


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