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We want good people, not bad people. If you want to be a good person, it is necessary to make an effort. Without effort, how can you be a good person? We cannot make a farm or empty land become prosperous land without effort; similarly, inner cultivation needs effort. With effort there is possibility, there is a future because the clear mind is there. This clear mind is actually our fertile land, we can grow anything from that. Now we need good seed and good effort. From a Buddhist viewpoint, we use the Buddha's teaching as an implement and our good thoughts as the seed in our mind. This is a Buddhist technique.

Utilize constant effort, then we can change this kind of human being from a naughty person to a good person. 

HH Dalai Lama overlooking the Temple grounds, 1980 photo by Shogen Rai

HH Dalai Lama overlooking the Temple grounds, 1980 photo by Shogen Rai

That is the way to change the human mind, the way to change human society. This is the outcome, our future.Whether you believe this or not, it's all right. Everybody accepts human society, whether you are a communist, a capitalist, a materialist, or a spiritualist - it does not matter. Whatever you want to explain according to your own theory is all right. One point where there is no argument is that everyone wants happiness. Therefore, the practice of kindness is very necessary, even in non-believers it is necessary. Please practice kindness as much as you can.


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