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As mentioned earlier, I practice constantly, as much as I can. Certainly I get irritated sometimes, but with this constant practice, irritation is minimized. Becoming older is a sign to develop my mind. It gives me more courage, more encouragement, and self-confidence. It is worthwhile to practice; it can produce good results in actual experience. Therefore, Dharma friends, the first superiority is the practice of kindness. This is the Buddha's message, Christ's message, practically all the world's great teachers have the same message on this point. This is an important practice in daily life.

True kindness must cover all sentient beings; in particular, our enemy. If you feel anger and cannot think about kindness towards the enemy, then this attitude must change. How to change it? Through practice. How to practice? Roughly speaking, in order to practice kindness you must have a strong tolerance. We cannot practice kindness properly without tolerance and patience. In order to develop this, we need an enemy. We cannot practice tolerance towards Lord Buddha, since Buddha does not disturb us. There is no opportunity to develop tolerance with our parents since there is great love with our parents. There is only the enemy who we have bitter feelings towards, a bad person is the only object or opportunity to develop tolerance and patience. The enemy is our best teacher, because of the enemy's attitude and ruthlessness, we can develop a true kindness of two types: tolerance and patience. This is the right approach to develop infinite kindness and altruism towards all sentient beings.


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