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With kindness, wisdom is very important. I am talking about the two natures mentioned earlier, conventional nature and ultimate nature. In order to develop wisdom, we must realize the ultimate nature of mind - emptiness, shunyata. If we develop realization of shunya, even a limited realization, it can affect all our concepts to the objects. At the moment, we feel that objects appear as something solid; something good as being one hundred percent good; something bad as one hundred percent bad; because of that appearance, feelings of anger and attachment grow and develop. With realization of shunya or ultimate nature ,this solid appearance will be minimized and diminish. The strong feelings of attachment when you see something good and irritation when you see something bad will decline. Kindness (upaya) and wisdom (prajna) should be combined. Without kindness, the pure realization of the ultimate nature is good, but its effects are limited. Just as the realization of pure kindness without the help of wisdom cannot grow further; it stops. So you see, wisdom and kindness combined are like two wheels; we can go very easily.

This is my main speech. It is not my teaching, but the Buddha's teaching, not the Dalai Lama's teaching. I'm just a Buddhist monk, a follower of Lord Buddha."


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