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"Brothers and sisters, I am extremely happy to be at this nice place once more. In spite of the distance and remoteness, a big gathering people have come here, so I'm very, very happy. First of all, I would like to express my greetings to you. The surroundings with so many trees and fresh air, it seems very nice here;under such circumstances, I think there is a kind of freshness in the minds of the human beings who gather here. Mainly freshness due to a spiritual feeling; that is something good, something useful. First, we are going to discuss spiritual values, then I will give you some Buddhist teachings - mainly the cultivation of the altruistic mind, and the oral transmission of a few mantras. I think it will take one and one half hours.

I've been listening to the sounds of peacocks and this reminds me of my time in Norbu Lingka in Lhasa, Tibet 35 years ago. In our minds, the thoughts of the past often occur quite vividly, as if they are real; but if we were to examine them, they are just memories. We also spend a lot of time thinking about the future, and based upon our past experiences, become preoccupied with anticipations, hopes, fears and so on. If we were to examine what future events are, in reality, they are something in the mind. Even if we were to think about the present moment, there isn't anything absolutely present - it is only a momentary flowing sequence of events. All of these thoughts of the past, present and future occur within the stream of our mind consciousness. Therefore, in Buddhism, the nature of reality is explained in terms of all phenomena being transient. Everything exists momentarily, changing from one instant to another instant.


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