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In Buddhism, there is also an understanding of the nature of reality in terms of its intimate relationship with the mind. Because of this, one interpretation is taken to an extreme viewpoint that denies the external reality of the physical world, saying that everything exists only as mere projections of the mind. However, there is no (true) understanding of the nature between mind and reality (in this view). Actually, there is no denial of the reality of the external world, however it is not perceived as an independent entity - something that is independent of the minds of sentient beings.

Hand carved Stone Bali Buddha, upper temple grounds

The transient nature of phenomena does not mean that something first exists, then the interaction with external conditions creates its disintegration and cessation. Within the cause which gives rise to things and events, there is a kind of "mechanism" that is the very factor which causes its disintegration and cessation. Everything is explained as being dependent on this other power.

Within this stream of causal sequences of events, there are principally two types: one which gives rise to the nature of suffering and the undesirable, and another which gives rise to positive and desired consequences. Since results are very much dependent upon their causes and conditions - the more precious the result , the greater are the causes and its conditions. Due to such a philosophical outlook, Buddhist teachings emphasize the internal causes and conditions of the mind, rather than those of the physical world, because the mind has a greater effect or impact upon the experience of individuals.


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