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Take for example the majority of the people gathered here. Generally speaking, most of you enjoy a life with a degree of material affluence and the facilities that are necessary for comfort. However, if you were to examine your state of mind, you would feel that there is still a sense of inadequacy and lack of contentment. We try to fill this sense of lacking something by acquiring more and more material possessions, trying to multiply the tens into hundreds and so on. The objective intended is to gain a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

These material conditions alone cannot provide the satisfaction that we are seeking, and if the mind is not content , the sense of fulfillment is absent. Within this complexity is a seed for frustration because you always find something wrong, something is not working out. However, if you have a deeper understanding of the nature of existence, along with inner contentment, then even if you face the same problems, you can cope with these situations better due to this attitude. 


Venerable Nechung Rinpoche, Nechung Kuden, Nechung Lopon & monks awaiting HH the Dalai Lama's arrival

Buddha states in the Dhammapada: when the mind is disciplined and calm, it leads to happiness and joy; when the mind is undisciplined, it leads to suffering and pain.The difficult point is: how does one go about disciplining one's mind? Ideally, medical science could develop a technique that assists doctors to provide us with this discipline and instant peace of mind. So far, this has not been possible. So, the only choice we have is simply by using mental effort. For example, when you have a physical illness that is a result of physical causes and conditions, it needs to be cured and corrected by using methods which are compatible with it. With the exception of some highly realized meditators who may have gained complete control over their inner energy, in which case, perhaps they can control the biological and physiological processes of the body.


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