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Due to this outlook, we find a distinction between two categories of the Buddha's teaching. One which can be accepted at face value and perceived as definitive, and a second which should not be taken literally, but requires further examination. These scriptures may contradict one's experience and reason, therefore, lead to further interpretation. If then, they still don't conform to personal experience, the only alternative is to reject them, and that liberty has been given to Buddhists.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with NDDL founders & mangers, Michael & Marya Schwabe

There are two principal approaches to training the mind: one which deals primarily with emotion, and the other uses the reason. There are emotions such as faith, devotion, love, compassion, and so forth; and others such as attachment, anger, and jealousy which are more impulsive. These are strong, forceful and arise quite instinctually, without any rational thinking and can be very intense. We can attribute these emotions to a physiological condition or to karmic imprints from the past.

In utilizing the intellect and reason, one is able to contemplate the benefits of love and compassion, as well as the shortcomings of anger and so forth. As you think about faith, love, compassion and their value, their basis, and so on, the more you are able to enhance their capacity. You will gain a sound, valid experience and recognize which emotions need to be cultivated and which need to be abandon. This is an important and integral part of the training of mind.


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