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It is beneficial to develop a broad perspective, with a capacity to see life in its wider context, to not be overly sensitive to situations and to not be affected by the slightest disappointment or pleasure. It is also very important to enhance your capacity for love, compassion and tolerance, and to generate a kind heart.

According to my experience, I think the most important factor in our daily life is being more open-minded. This is something very helpful. Now, open-minded means you must have sensitivity, while at the same time, not be too seriously sensitive. In order to develop this kind of open attitude, the main factor is a good heart . This I can say definitely is true. Develop a mental attitude with more compassion, more affection. 

Michael Schwabe welcoming His Holiness

Think more about others, just as you would think of yourself. Be more concerned about the common people's welfare and well being. This automatically opens our inner door, creating less fear and more self confidence. As a result, we can communicate with other fellow human beings much more easily with a feeling of "Oh, we are a genuine community". "I am a member of a happy community" will arise. That kind of feeling will automatically reduce fear, self doubt and such thoughts as, "I have no value"and "I am just hopeless". Therefore, I think one of the key techniques to have more openness of mind is a compassionate mental attitude. There's no doubt.

So, I always tell people whether they are believers or non-believers, let us try to have a more positive mental state, meaning a more altruistic attitude. Given the extremely complex nature of our existence in this modern world, I am sure if we pay enough attention, we will find many grounds to compel us to think more about the need for an altruistic outlook on life, and about other people's well being.


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