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Okay, good. That's today's teaching, All topics are completed. I'm very, very happy to be here and spend some time with you and to explain some basics about Buddha Dharma. For those people who have a keen interest about Buddha Dharma, if you study further on the basis of these rough explanations, then you will get a deeper knowledge. For those people who really have a deep interest in Buddhism, then eventually, implementation is crucial. Without implementation, simply to have knowledge is not too useful. Study, increasing knowledge and implementation should go together.

Even with knowledge, experience is very useful. Without experience, inner experience, it is difficult to know the exact meaning. For example, the word "emptiness" or "voidness" is difficult to understand. Think, meditate on it and, as time goes on, you will get some experience, and this word will become heavier and heavier. There will be some real meaning. You get a deeper understanding, a sense. So practice and study; these should go together. For those individuals who have no special interest about Buddhism, that's okay. After all, we all are human beings; we all want a happy life. Therefore be a warm-hearted person, a good-hearted person. By that, you will become a happy person - that's our goal, isn't it? One happy person joins another happy person, that means a happy community, happy society. So, that's the way to develop a happier world.

Finally, I shall do the dedication of the merit which all of us have accumulated here through this teaching. The verses which I'm going to recite state that just as the great Bodhisattvas of the past, such as Manjusri and Samantrabadhra, have dedicated their merit for the benefit of all sentient beings to attain Buddhahood, so shall I dedicate the merit and positive energy that have been accumulated here towards the happiness and attainment of full enlightenment of all sentient beings. The second verse is a prayer for great spiritual masters to come into the world to propagate their great wisdom, insight, and spiritual teachings. May all spiritual practitioners live in harmony as brothers and sisters, and may the good spiritual traditions remain for a long time in the world. 



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