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Biography of Khenchen Konchog Gyalsten Rinpoche

Khenchen Konchog Gyalsten Rinpoche is the spiritual director of the Tibetan Meditation Center in Frederick, Maryland. He is respected as an accomplished scholar and meditation master. Rinpoche was born in Tibet in 1946. He took his full monastic ordination from the previous Kalu Rinpoche in 1968 . He studied at the Tibetan Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies in Varanasi and received his Acharya degree in the first division, then studied for years with highly realized masters including the 16th Karmapa, Ven. Khunu Lama Rinpoche (a teacher highly regarded by HH the Dalai Lama) and the great Drikung yogi Pachung Rinpoche. He also completed the traditional three year meditation, during which he practiced the Five-Fold Profound Path of Mahamudra, the Six Yogas of Naropa, and other meditations in the Drikung Kagyu lineage.

Khenchen Rinpoche authored the book "Transformation of Suffering" as a handbook for Western practitioners. It covers all the foundation teachings, and provides practical advice for Buddhist practice in daily life. The book was designed for study by individuals without ready access to a Lama. Rinpoche is known for his great compassion, strength of mind, generosity and humor. Rinpoche speaks fluent english and his teachings are done in a style that will truly change your life if you take them to heart. This will be his second visit to Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling, in 1987 he came with H.H. Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche, the head of the Drikung Kagyu lineage to the temple.




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