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  • Enjoy the Sun at Nechung Temple
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The retreat and guest house offers a very special space for individuals and small groups who want a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to relax, meditate and reflect on life. It is an ideal destination for people to experience rural Hawai'i, away from the crowded tourist areas and resorts.

Nestled in an old eucalyptus forest, the beautifully landscaped grounds are a natural extension of the environment and gardens filled with tropical flowers, plants and exotic fruits.

The facility has a Hawaiian style screened kitchen, dining area and lanai downstairs. The dining room has teak furnishings and couches for a quiet cup of tea or a conversation over delicious temple coffee. A small lobby and library occupy the entry. Upstairs is another lanai with a view of the temple and the spacious grounds.

See our reservations page for rates and policies or contact us for more information.

Click on the images below to see more information about our rooms.

Pink Room Japanese Room Indian Room Hawaiian Room Bali Room Chinese Room