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Nechung Rinpoche and his Lineage

Nechung Rinpoche Ogyen Thinley Choephel came from Mindroling Monastery to Nechung Monastery in the 1880's. His coming to Nechung was due to the unflagging grace of the great Dharma protector, and in particular his unique practice of the Treasured Doctrine. This happened during the time of the Eighth Medium, Shakya Yarphel. Rinpoche not only became the medium's spiritual guide, but also of Nechung's sangha, to whom he passed extensive transmission of the meditation practices on the energy channels, wind, and yantras (Tsa-Lung, Khrul-Khor) of the generation and completion stage practices of tantra.

In 1891, following the prophecies given by Nechung, and as instructed by the Tibetan government, he left for Do-Kham, eastern Tibet, to collect the heavily blessed image of Guru Padmasambhava, a treasure object discovered by the treasure master Ogyen Lerab Lingpa, from Zongsar Khentse Rinpoche (1820-1892).

This image was later housed in the Tsuglag Khang in Tibet's capital, Lhasa, so that the doctrine of the Buddha may flourish, and there will be timely rain, and especially that the great holders of the doctrine headed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama may live long, and that the dual polity of the Tibetan Government may be ever victorious. It was also to retain Jowo Shakyamuni's image (brought in the 7th century by the Chinese Princess Wen-Cheng Kung-Chu as dowry for King Songtsen Gampo) on this universe so that it may not be taken away by the Nagas into their subterrestial realm.


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