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Accordingly, Khentse Rinpoche also handed over the Guru Yoga text, along with the image of Guru Padmasambhava, with great pleasure. Thus, on the 22nd day of the ninth Tibetan month of the Iron-Hare Year, the day of the Buddha Shakyamuni's Descent from Heaven, the image was brought to Lhasa and housed in the Tsuglag Khang amidst a grand ceremonial welcome accorded by the Tibetan government.
On the tenth day of every Tibetan month, a group of eight Nechung monks are required to make a Tsog offering based on Thug-Drub Drag-Po Tzal (Bestowal of Heart's Wrathful Accomplishment.)

When Ogyen Thinley Choephel stayed at Mindroling Monastery, he was recognized as the incarnation of Langdro Kunchok Jungne, one of the 25 chief disciples of Guru Padmasambhava. Langdro Kunchok Jungne's reincarnation is recognized as the treasure master Ratna Lingpa (1403-1479) who is well-known in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. It is for this reason that Ogyen Thinley Choephel is considered the reincarnation of Ratna Lingpa.After the demise of Ogyen Thinley Choephel Rinpoche.

Nechung Rinpoche at ceremony, Nechung Monastery India


The Great Thirteenth Dalai Lama recognized Thupten Konchok (1917-1983) as the reincarnation of Nechung Rinpoche. This incarnate Nechung Rinpoche became a great realized master. He also studied Tibetan literature and astro-science from a learned astrology of Mindroling Monastery. From 1956 to 1959, he taught Tibetan language at China's Minority School in Beijing.Following the Chinese occupation, he returned to Tibet, and was imprisoned for a few months. He ultimately escaped from Tibet and reached India in 1962. In accordance with his premonitions, Nechung Rinpoche was able to bring to Nechung Monastery in India Se-Bag Mug-Chung (Precious Mask), one of the holiest and most priceless belongings of the great Dharma protector, Nechung. On December 2, 1964, Nechung Rinpoche became a professor at the Ladakh Buddhist Institute in Delhi.



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