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In brief, by outer, inner and secret means, the student can manifest the qualities of the awakened mind and activities of the enlightened ones. Outwardly, discipline and ethical behavior are of utmost importance; inwardly, cultivation of the altruistic intention and activities to gain enlightenment for the sake of all living beings; and secretly, utilizing the subtle energies of the physical body - channels, veins and essential drops in meditation to place the mind in the state to realize emptiness directly.

Venerable Thupten Ngodrup, Nechung Medium giving blessings

The path of the union of sutra and tantra offers immeasurable methods for accomplishment and rapid realization. By means of oral transmissions, commentaries and empowerments, the unbroken lineages of the teachings have passed from master to disciple until the present day.

"Although sentient beings are intrinsically Buddhas,
They are obscured by adventitious defilement.
Remove the defilement, and there is the real Buddha." (3)

1. Kindness, Clarity and Insight, the XIV Dalai Lama, Snow Lion Publications N.Y.

2. Buddha Mind, Longchen Rabjam's writings on Dzogpa Chenpo, Snow Lion Publications

3. Tag-Nyi Tantra from Kun-zang La-may Shal-lung, Paltrul Rinpoche, Diamond Lotus Publisher



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