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For the Tibetans, Hawai'i's cluster of islands in the middle of the Pacific was as remote as their native homeland encircled by snow mountains. Due to its geographic location and antiquated foreign policies, these mountainous people did not travel beyond the boundaries of the Asian continent prior to 1959. Then living in exile, under a refugee status, travel documents and visas were not readily obtainable. So despite Hawai'i's multi-ethnic culture, rich Asian heritage, and large Buddhist population, it had not become a destination for Tibetans.

The first Tibetan lama to come to the Hawaiian Islands was His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, the head of the Nyingma lineage.He came to Oahu on Thanksgiving Day, 1972 on his initial visit to the West. A teaching was given at the Honpa Hongwanji Mission on the Pali Highway, under the sponsorship of the Buddhist Studies Center.

Himalayan Mountains

Himalayan Mountains

Dudjom Rinpoche's message was "'The main responsibility for religious people is to spread the teachings of peace, brotherhood and happiness to all sentient beings.' He emphasized that it was not his purpose to 'disturb existing religions in this country, but, rather, to spread goodwill to all faiths.' He is a greatly realized master, known for his keen scholarliness, and is regarded as a living treasure of Tibetan Buddhism." (Honolulu Advertiser, Friday, November 24, 1972)..



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