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The Nichiren Mission in Kapapala, Ka'u

This temple was the first Nichiren Mission built in the islands. In 1902 with donations collected from its members and a labor force of the Buddhist community in Ka'u, it was originally located in "Church Camp". At present day, this is about half way from Wood Valley to the town of Pahala. The following story is an interesting account of why the building was moved from its original place, as told to and interpreted by "Ka'u News"."The Nichiren Shu temple was formerly located in 'Church Camp'. One day, probably about 1917, Ka'u was hit by a severe storm, causing much flooding in many areas.

Since the temple was located on relatively low ground, it was also soon threatened by the rising waters of a nearby stream. The temple priest, concerned about the safety of his family, sent them to stay with others in an adjacent camp, but decided to remain in and guard the temple with his closest friend. As the day wore on, the flood waters rose higher and higher until nightfall, when the temple was completely cut off from other dry land.


Kapapala Mission Temple Service, circa 1955, Donald Shintaku

Kapapala Mission Temple Service, circa 1955, Donald Shintaku


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