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It happened that this storm occurred just before New Year's, and the church had purchased a large cask of sake to be served to members during the holidays. Confronted with the prospect of being swept away by the rampaging waters, the pair, after much deliberation, were forced to make a momentous decision. They decided that if they were going to die, they should at least die happy, and so proceeded to drink the sake supply.On the safety of high ground, a friend of the two brave sentinels worried through the night, speculating on the outcome of the temple.

 The next morning's early light revealed happily that the temple had survived, but, there were no signs of the venturesome pair. Hurriedly, a rescue party was organized, which forded the swollen expanse with the aid of fencing wire. Slipping and scrambling across, the apprehensive rescuers finally burst into the temple, to find the priest and his companion uproariously drunk, having the time of their lives!" (Ka'u News - March 1, 1973).

Due to this storm and the extensive damage to the building, it was disassembled and moved to its present location between Kapapala and Wood Valley camps. The temple was rebuilt in 1925, and became the center of a busy village with two schools, several stores, a gas station and a community center.


Another Storm, November 2000, photo by Michael Schwabe

Another Storm, November 2000, photo by Michael Schwabe



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